We have more than 25 years experience in sales and business management. We'd like to share that experience with you and your team.

About us

We've been in sales a long time and know what it takes to make a great salesperson, account manager and business developer.

We can help to train your staff with practical sales skills, knowledge and techniques that will improve their performance and ultimately, your bottom line. And we'll tailor our approach to best meet your needs and objectives.

We provide:

• sales training courses

• sales coaching and mentoring

• sales staff selection

• strategic sales planning and administration

• guidance on incentives and commissions.

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Simon Harrop

"His expert knowledge of all aspects of sales and sales management, coupled with his understanding of a client's needs, make him a value add to any business needing to improve sales. I'd recommend Simon without hesitation."

Andrew Smith – CEO 3P Learning Australia


Founder, Simon Harrop, began his sales career in 1986 with an international technology company. Building on early successes, he became a sales manager in a competitive start-up company at the age of 22. Simon has spent many years forming efficient, high-achieving sales teams that consistently reached and exceeded their high targets.

Simon joined Vodafone when they launched in Australia in 1993, followed by a role at Ericsson as a senior account manager, developing a new distribution model for enterprise products. Simon went on to work with Telstra as Sales Director and General Manager, responsible for business and consumer channels.

Simon has been an active member of the NSW Business Chamber council as well as Vice President and President of one of their regional advisory councils. He has worked with students in the University of Technology Business School mentoring program. He is currently Chairman for an advisory board in the Medical education industry.



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